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The structures which we recommend would depend upon the client's needs and type of business or investment activity.

The main trading or asset holding vehicle would normally be a company incorporated in a suitable jurisdiction such as The Seychelles or Hong Kong and the ownership thereof would be held by a nominee company or by a trust.

An example of a structure could be a Seychelles company administered from Morocco and owned by an offshore corporate nominee with a bank account in Morocco.

We must emphasise that the most important consideration is the management of the entity and not its legal jurisdiction as the test on taxability is where the entity is controlled and executes its business, regardless as to where it was created.

Our services are suitable for most business and investment situations.

Our clients’ needs vary and after a consultation we are able to produce a programme to suit individual circumstances.

We charge a setup fee of £1,000 for full guidance and implementation of the right structure including the preparation of all documentation necessary for the opening of a bank account.

The cost of a structure and the annual fees to maintain same vary from client to client. A quotation will be given after the client’s needs have been assessed.

Our management charges are normally from £125 to £1,000 per month, depending upon the nature and degree of activity for each entity.

Our representatives are normally available for consultations in Gibraltar, Spain, U.K. and elsewhere by arrangement.

For an initial free and confidential consultation, please contact our office.

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