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We aim to keep our clients free of all the difficulties described in the technical information section below. For this reason we offer a complete service including:

  • Professional guidance with regard to the most appropriate structure in any given circumstances.
  • Organising external statutory management and liaising with same.
  • Ongoing operational management.
  • The selection and opening of a suitable bank account in the company’s name and ongoing liaison between the bank and the client.
  • Acting as signatory to the company’s bank account.
  • Acquisition of offshore debit and credit cards.
  • International tax planning and advice.
  • Physical presence in a staffed office rather than a mere registered office.  (This is important because it establishes a genuine intent and ability to trade and operate from outside the home country)
  • Shared or exclusive use of telephone, fax, e-mail and computer services.
  • Automatic telephone and fax re-direction.
  • Assistance in seeking an executive director if required.
  • Secretarial facilities, collection and re-direction of post.
  • Typing, invoicing and assistance with contracts.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Arranging board meetings and assisting with the preparation of comprehensive minutes on all major management and investment decisions.
  • Corporate and individual courtesy arrangements.
  • Comprehensive legal representation through our lawyers and tax consultants, who specialise in private and corporate business.
  • Document translation service.
  • Visas for temporary visits when necessary.
  • Trading opportunities and introductions to lawyers and accountants.
  • Meet and Greet service for all clients visiting Tangier.

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