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Portland Services is a specialist firm of Offshore Management Consultants employing the services of highly skilled lawyers, tax specialists and company formation agents.

Tax Efficient Offshore Structures

Have you considered the advantages of forming an offshore entity? 


Portland Services, offers you the many advantages of operating in a tax free environment through the proper use of offshore entities. It is well known that offshore companies can be used to minimise tax liabilities. It is less commonly known that unless properly set up and managed an offshore company can lead directly to trouble with the Revenue Authority.

Most offshore companies are sold with limited advice and little or no after sales service, the only communication being a once a year demand for fees to cover statutory and nominee duties.

These companies achieve their objective by good luck rather than design. In fact many owners of offshore companies operate in breach of the laws of their home country. “Brass plate” companies, where their presence is merely a file with statutory information held in the office of a lawyer or company formation agent, are insufficient to satisfy the tax authorities of the home country. 

We offer full administrative services to include invoicing, contracts, liaising with local jurisdiction agents, sorting out any banking problems, liaising with our Moroccan counterparts in respect of Free Zone companies, resolutions both statutory and business together with minutes where relevant.

It is also important to choose the right offshore jurisdiction. Most have introduced legislation to help combat money laundering from serious crime but many have included fiscal offences, particularly tax evasion and will co-operate with foreign authorities.

Our Services

Full Service Management

At Portland Services  we offer a comprehensive service offering including:



  • International tax planning and advice.
  • Professional guidance with regard to the most appropriate structure in any given circumstances.
  • Organising external statutory management and liaising with same.
  • Ongoing operational management.



  • Comprehensive legal representation through our lawyers and tax consultants, who specialise in private and corporate business.
  • Document translation service on request.
  • Trading opportunities and introductions to lawyers and accountants.



  • The selection and opening of a suitable bank account in the company’s name and ongoing liaison between the bank and the client.
  • Acting as signatory to the company’s bank account.
  • Acquisition of offshore debit cards.



  • Physical presence in a staffed office. 
  • Shared or exclusive use of telephone, e-mail and computer services with redirection if required.
  • Secretarial facilities, collection and re-direction of post.
  • Typing, invoicing and assistance with contracts.



  • Company formation in a choice of international offshore jusrisdictions.
  • Provision of nominee directors and shareholders.
  • Arranging board meetings and assisting with the preparation of comprehensive minutes on all major management and investment decisions.



  • Bookkeeping/Accounting.
  • Salary processing and human resource management.
  • Legal and tax advices.
  • Monthly and annual statements.
  • Quarterly and annual financial and accounting reports.

Why Portland Services?

In conjunction with lawyers, tax advisers and company managers, we can offer the following advantages to non-resident individuals and companies:-

  1. By providing local business services to international trading ventures, management and control of the company outside your jurisdiction can be demonstrated thus limiting the company’s possible exposure to punitive taxes.
  2. The independence of our administration facilities can be used to minimise the risk of any attempt by a Revenue authority to impose so called transfer-pricing anti avoidance legislation.
  3. The service that we organise is efficient in enabling tax effective trading and investments (including land and properties) by demonstrating our in depth administration of offshore structures.  Not only can tax on income be reduced and often eliminated, but capital gains, wealth and inheritance tax can be similarly addressed.
  4. We assist in the administration of offshore structures for clients resident in most countries throughout the world.
  5. We structure entities for asset protection and the sheltering of death duties.

We offer a professional and efficient service with full confidentiality.   We are also able to provide genuine business and commercial facilities to support any trading or investment operation carried on through an offshore entity and to give real substance to these operations.

With experienced professional advice and ongoing monitoring our offshore structures can offer protection from the harsh fiscal regimes prevailing in most major industrialised countries.  Properly operated offshore structures offer a combination of confidentiality, efficient support services, tax reduction and asset protection.

Portland Services Morocco SARL

Portland Services Morocco Sarl, is operated in Tangier and services our clients with Moroccan Free Zone Companies.

Why Morocco?

A Moroccan Free Zone Company has many advantages including a Tax Exempt Status.

  • The company’s business can be administered and managed therefrom without attracting Moroccan Corporation taxes for the first 5 years.

  • A bank account in the company’s name can be opened with due diligence.

  • Monies can be kept in most major currencies.

  • Debit cards are available.

  • Moroccan banks are bound to confidentiality, unless there is a Court Order.

  • Court Orders will only be granted in respect of serious crimes.

  • Moroccan Free Zone Companies for trading purposes may be formed within any of the 3 Logistic Free Zones. It is however necessary to rent an office or warehouse in the Free Zone for these companies.

  • It is necessary to file yearly accounts for Moroccan Free Zone Companies albeit there is no tax liability  for the first 5 years.

  • Accommodation and labour are cheap and plentiful for companies that wish to manufacture or conduct business activities from within any of the 3 Free Zones.

  • Goods entering or leaving the Free Zones for exportation as well as those obtained in the zone or that remain there, shall be exempt from all customs duties and taxes.

  • Free trade agreements have been signed with several countries to include the European Union, United States, Turkey as well a some Arab countries.


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